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Resources-2.pdf 05-Nov-2018 05:47 144k unknown 05 Kavitha.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:30 340k unknown 05 Signal.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:21 508k unknown 06 Agricultural Information.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:20 56k unknown 06 Bibliometric-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:00 84k unknown 06 Priyadarshini.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:32 420k unknown 06 Users Awareness-2.pdf 05-Nov-2018 05:49 184k unknown 07 blade structure.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:27 400k unknown 1 FACIAL EXPRESSION-9.pdf 02-Nov-2018 07:26 224k unknown 1 SELVARASU NANJAPPAN-3.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:36 152k unknown 1IPR Article 01-20.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:04 156k unknown 2 Impact_of_capacity_building-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 07:57 100k unknown 2 MANAGEMENT FACET IN THE CURRICULUM OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:51 108k unknown 2 MORAL ACTOR OF CRIME.pdf 14-Nov-2018 05:26 292k unknown 2 PRAYLA.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:38 160k unknown 2 SOLAR BICYCLE shet-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:02 272k unknown 2 Virtual Library.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:07 72k unknown 3 3 ENERGY EFFICIENT TOPOLOGY.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:41 408k unknown 3 AKCE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GRAPHS AND COMBINATORY.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:54 140k unknown 3 Library Management Systems Article 35-47.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:09 404k unknown 3 VIDEO SEGMENTATION.pdf 12-Nov-2018 10:38 860k unknown 3d analysis.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:34 544k unknown 4 THE MOBILE PHONES AND LIBRARIES FOR RURAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:56 84k unknown 4 DL PAPAER 48 - 55-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:14 64k unknown 4 IMAGE SEGMENTATION THROUGH CLUSTERING.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:43 84k unknown 4 TRACKING OBJECTS OF DEFORMABLE SHAPES.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:31 808k unknown 5 COPYRIGHT LAW ON DIGITAL PRESERVATION AND ITS IMPACT ON LIBRARIES.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:58 148k unknown 5 MULTI ROBOT PATH PLANNING ALGORITHMS.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:33 292k unknown 5 Scientometrics-3.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:18 116k unknown 6 conventional driyer.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:25 820k unknown 7.5GHz WIDE BAND ELECTROMAGNETIC BAND GAP (EBG) STRUCTURE.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:17 152k unknown A STUDY OF STOCK MARKET FLUCTUATIONS WITH RESPECT TO CHANGE IN GOLD AND SILV... 14-Nov-2018 06:35 236k unknown A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF LIQUIDITY STATUS OF BHEL AND CROMPTON GREAVES-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 07:13 528k unknown A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PRINT VERSUS ELECTRONIC SOURCES OF INFORMATION THAT... 14-Nov-2018 09:49 72k unknown A DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF OPTICAL PRESSURE SENSOR BASED ON PHOTONIC CRYSTAL ... 13-Nov-2018 05:45 188k unknown A DETAILED ANALYSIS ON THE PERFORMANCE OF 3-LEVEL SVPWM CONTROLLED UPFC PLACE... 13-Nov-2018 04:27 1024k unknown A GENETIC BASED RESEARCH FRAMEWORK-3.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:20 780k unknown A NOVEL ATTACK DETECTION TECHNIQUE TO FIND ATTACK IN WATERMARKED IMAGES WITH ... 13-Nov-2018 05:13 932k unknown A NOVEL MODIFIED DISTRIBUTED ARITHMETIC SCHEME FOR LMS LOW POWER AND REDUCED ... 13-Nov-2018 04:43 152k unknown A SCIENTOMETRIC ANALYSIS OF RESEARCH PRODUCTIVITY IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE _1... 14-Nov-2018 09:07 296k unknown A SECURE PAYMENT SCHEME IN MULTIHOP WIRELESS NETWORK BY TRUSTED NODE IDENTIFI... 13-Nov-2018 03:42 104k unknown A STUDY OF CORPORATIZATION OF CIVIC MANAGEMENT.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:06 56k unknown A STUDY ON FEW JOB RELATED ENTITIES INFLUENCING JOB SATISFACTION IN BSNL THAN... 13-Nov-2018 16:52 120k unknown A STUDY ON HEALTHCARE INFORMATION AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS AND TO DEVELOP UNIQU... 05-Nov-2018 04:42 88k unknown A STUDY ON LINK WEIGHT PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS IN AN INTRA-DOMAIN NETWORKS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:44 392k unknown A STUDY ON RECENT TRENDS AND PROBLEMS IN USING MICRO FINANCE SERVICES IN INDI... 13-Nov-2018 10:31 128k unknown A SURVEY OF STUDENTS USE OF LIBRARY RESOURCES AT DELTA STATE POLYTECHNIC OZOR... 14-Nov-2018 10:20 84k unknown ADVANCED PHISHING - THE ART OF STEALING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:47 1364k unknown AIR TRANSIENT COOLING CHARACTERISTICS IN THE ENTRY REGIONS OF DUCTS s.pdf 12-Nov-2018 08:17 688k unknown AMBICULTURAL PERSPECTIVE AS AN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY. THE CASE OF ZIM... 13-Nov-2018 11:53 204k unknown AN ANALYSIS ON SHODHGANGA-A RESERVOIR OF INDIA THESES WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE... 14-Nov-2018 09:02 460k unknown AN ANALYTICAL APPROACH TO STUDY CLAIM SETTLEMENT AND LIFE INSURANCE INDIAN EV... 13-Nov-2018 17:15 548k unknown AN APPRAISAL OF USERS ATTITUDINAL BEHAVIOUR IN ACADEMIC LIBRARY CASE STUDY OF... 14-Nov-2018 09:42 112k unknown AN APPROACH TO DESIGN A RECTANGULAR MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA IN S BAND BY TLM... 13-Nov-2018 05:40 132k unknown AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ON LEARNING OUTCOME OF VARIOUS COURSES IN MASTER OF BUSINE... 13-Nov-2018 16:57 96k unknown AN EMPIRICAL STUDY ON SKEWNESS OF TEST SCORES OF A MANAGEMENT SUBJECT IN AN A... 13-Nov-2018 11:07 144k unknown AN EVALUATION OF UNIVERSITY LIBRARY WEBSITES ANNU POOSE.pdf 14-Nov-2018 10:18 88k unknown AN IMPROVED BACK PROPAGATION TRAINING.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:50 652k unknown AN IMPROVEMENT IN HISTORY BASED WEIGHTED VOTING ALGORITHM FOR SAFETY CRITICAL... 12-Nov-2018 15:56 632k unknown AN INSIGHT OF NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND MARKET RESEARCH-A STUDY-3.pdf 14-Nov-2018 07:16 168k unknown AN INTEGRATED APPROACH FOR ENHANCING READY MIXED CONCRETE SELECTION USING TEC... 13-Nov-2018 16:14 124k unknown AN INTEGRATED APPROACH FOR ENHANCING READY MIXED CONCRETE UTILITY USING ANALY... 13-Nov-2018 16:18 112k unknown AN INTEGRATED APPROACH FOR ENHANCING READY MIXED CONCRETE UTILITY USING ANALY... 13-Nov-2018 16:12 600k unknown AN OPTIMAL UNSUPERVISED TEXT DATA SEGMENTATION-3.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:22 840k unknown ANALYSIS AND MODELLING OF WORK STRESS BASED ON EXPERIENCE IN CHEMICAL INDUSTR... 12-Nov-2018 07:12 812k unknown ANALYSIS OF INVENTORY TURNOVER RATIO IN BHEL A COMPARATIVE STUDY WITH CROMPTO... 13-Nov-2018 17:10 740k unknown ANALYSIS OF MONITORING OF CONNECTION BETWEEN.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:13 468k unknown ANALYTICAL STUDY OF THE ESSENTIAL ELECTRONIC AGRICULTURAL LIBRARY TEEAL VERSI... 14-Nov-2018 10:04 76k unknown ANEMPIRICAL STUDY ON THE PERFORMANCE OF SELF-FINANCING ENGINEERING COLLEGES (... 13-Nov-2018 16:23 192k unknown APPLICATION OF SERVQUAL MODEL IN THE EVALUATION OF QUALITY OF SERVICES IN ACA... 14-Nov-2018 09:40 208k unknown ATTITUDE OF COLLEGE STUDENTS TOWARDS CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES.pdf 13-Nov-2018 18:06 88k unknown AUDIT COMMITTEE AND EXTERNAL AUDIT QUALITY SUBSTITUTION OR COMPLEMENTARITY ... 14-Nov-2018 06:57 212k unknown AUTOMATIC DETECTION OF RETINAL OPTIC DISK BY MEANS OF PCA AND MATHEMATICAL MO... 13-Nov-2018 05:59 1184k unknown Arul IJFMRD-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:24 236k unknown Attitudes.pdf 13-Nov-2018 18:45 144k unknown BIASED LINEAR FEEDBACK MACHINING PROCESS FOR ASYMMETRIC COST FUNCTIONS.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:59 504k unknown BIDIRECTIONAL DATA CENTRIC ROUTING PROTOCOL TO IMPROVE THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY ... 13-Nov-2018 03:14 396k unknown BIODIESEL DEVELOPMENT FROM CEBIA PENTANDRA SEED OIL AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATIO... 12-Nov-2018 07:36 120k unknown CAMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF OVERALL WORK LIFE BALANCE OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 11:09 112k unknown CASCADING THE INDUCTION MOTORS TO REDUCE THE IMPACT OF HARMONICS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:50 692k unknown CO-INTEGRATION AND CAUSALITY ANALYSIS OF DYNAMIC LINKAGES.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:41 112k unknown COACHING –AN EFFECTIVE TOOL OF TRAINING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:30 408k unknown COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF MANET REACTIVE PROTOCOLS.pdf 12-Nov-2018 15:34 68k unknown COMPLEX WAVELET BASED DENOISING OF SPECTRAL DATA OF MST RADAR-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:42 308k unknown COMPUTATIONAL BUCKLING OF A THREE-LOBED CROSECTION CYLINDRICAL SHELL WITH VAR... 12-Nov-2018 07:08 608k unknown CONJOINT ANALYSIS A PERFECT LINK BETWEEN.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:20 344k unknown CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IN KUWAIT – AN ANALYSIS ON E-PROCUREMENT ADOPTION.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:55 180k unknown CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND INCOME SMOOTHING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 16:55 264k unknown CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY TOWARDS WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN INDIA-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 11:56 2052k unknown COST ESTIMATION TOOL FOR GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS AND HEALTHCARE FACILITY BASED O... 14-Nov-2018 06:47 816k unknown CRYONANO PROBEDESIGN.pdf 12-Nov-2018 07:23 156k unknown CUSTOMS DOCUMENTATION FOR EXIM TRADE-3.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:22 500k unknown Call for Papers –National & International Journals – (December 2013 issue... 02-Nov-2018 12:35 60k unknown DEMOGRAPHIC FACTORS INFLUENCE ON THE ENTREPRENEURIAL INTENTION AMONG STUDENTS... 02-Nov-2018 12:19 56k unknown DESIGN OF MULTI- OBJECTIVE CELLULAR MANUFACTURING SYSTEM.pdf 12-Nov-2018 07:38 108k unknown DESIGN OF ELECTROCARDIOGRAM _ECG OR EKG_ SYSTEM ON FPGA.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:17 408k unknown DESIGN OF L BAND TRUNCATED CORNER PRINTED RECTANGULAR MONOPOLE ANTENNA.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:13 1136k unknown DETECTION OF HUMAN BLADDER CANCER CELLS USING IMAGE PROCESSING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:09 1012k unknown DETERMINATION OF BIO KINETIC PARAMETERS FOR SEQUENCING BATCH REACTOR TYPE SEW... 12-Nov-2018 09:57 136k unknown DETERMINATION OF THE VALUE OF SELECTED oscillation frequency Measurement poin... 12-Nov-2018 06:55 572k unknown DIABETES AND ALLIED DISEASES RESEARCH IN INDIA A BRADFORDS APPROACH-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:52 104k unknown DISTRIBUTION OF THE NUMBER OF TIMES M M 2 N.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:58 348k unknown DUAL-POLARIZED, HIGH-GAIN SECTOR ANTENNA FOR MIMO.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:09 216k unknown DUALFREQUENCY OSHAPED 3WAY BAGLEY POWER DIVIDER BASED ON TLT.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:15 296k unknown Drilling Parameters.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:47 172k unknown E-COMMERCE GOVERNANCE, HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT AND THE SOCIETY.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:59 104k unknown EFFECT AND EXPERIMENTAL STUDIES OF LIGHT WEIGHT WALL PANELS COMPARED WITH NOR... 12-Nov-2018 10:07 112k unknown EFFECT OF AIR SWIRL WITH DIMPLED CYLINDER HEAD ON PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS... 12-Nov-2018 08:13 264k unknown EFFECT OF FUEL INJECTION TIMING ON PERFORMANCE, COMBUSTION AND EMISSION CHARA... 12-Nov-2018 07:13 92k unknown EFFECT OF PERFORMANCE AND EMISSION CHARACTERISTICS ON METHYL ESTERS OF SARDIN... 12-Nov-2018 06:51 244k unknown ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT A NECESSITY FOR ACQUIRING WORLD CLASS IN VIRTUAL ERA-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 16:59 100k unknown ELECTRONIC RESOURCES THROUGH CONSORTIA IN HIGHER EDUCATION.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:26 340k unknown EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN TEACHERS A TOOL TO TRANSFORM EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES... 13-Nov-2018 11:28 88k unknown EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AN OVERVIEW.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:27 112k unknown EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AS AN –OUTCOME OF TRAINING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:26 564k unknown EMPLOYEE SPIRITUALITY AND JOB ENGAGEMENT A CORRELATIONAL STUDY ACROSS ORGANI... 14-Nov-2018 05:32 252k unknown ENCRYPTION BASED MULTI USER MANNER SECURED DATA SHARING AND STORING IN CLOUD.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:40 384k unknown ENGINE.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:49 312k unknown ENHANCEMENT OF INTERSECTING ALGORITHM USING PREFIX TREE FOR TRANSACTIONS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:12 552k unknown ENTREPRENRUS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:31 96k unknown ESTIMATING DETECTION TRUST HOLD FOR INTRUSION.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:00 88k unknown EVALUATING THE EFFECT OF CONSUMERS’ GREEN CONSCIOUSNESS ON DECISION TO PURC... 13-Nov-2018 17:12 236k unknown EVENT DRIVEN OPTIMIZEREVENT DRIVEN OPTIMIZER.pdf 12-Nov-2018 15:30 428k unknown EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF HEAT TRANSFER CHARACTERISTICS OF R744 R1270 IN A SMOOTH... 12-Nov-2018 08:07 100k unknown EXPLORING FUZZY SAW METHOD FOR MAINTENANCE STRATEGY SELECTION.pdf 12-Nov-2018 07:33 128k unknown EXTENDED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ENABLED SERVICE QUALITY MODEL FOR LIFE INSURA... 13-Nov-2018 16:29 200k unknown Effect Of Controlled Temperature _27 To 42 C-2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:22 688k unknown Effect of addition of MIcriosilica.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:13 100k unknown Effect_of_glass_on_strength_of_concrete.pdf 12-Nov-2018 08:51 136k unknown Energy Requirements.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:40 100k unknown FACTORS RELATING TO THE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AND HOME-ENVIRONMENT IN ECONOMIC... 13-Nov-2018 09:39 72k unknown FAILURE OF TUBE REDUCED IN SPLIT AIR CONDITIONER.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:02 2656k unknown FAULTY NODE RECOVERY AND REPLACEMENT ALGORITHM FOR WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:50 272k unknown FORENSIC ACCOUNTING IN A GLOBALISED ECONOMY-3.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:52 116k unknown FPGA BASED EMBEDDED WEB SERVER USING NiosII PROCESSOR.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:45 592k unknown FUZZY DRIVER COMMAND INTERPRETER FOR PARALLEL HYBRID VEHICLE.pdf 12-Nov-2018 08:10 712k unknown GENDER DIVERSITY AT MANAGEMENT LEVELS IN MUMBAI.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:29 948k unknown GREEN MARKETING INITIATIVES AND THE IMPACT OF GRADUATE CONSUME.pdf 13-Nov-2018 08:14 148k unknown G_Frederic_Edmond.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:49 72k unknown HANDWRITTEN DEVNAGARI NUMERAL RECOGNITION USING PCA & MSE.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:20 140k unknown HARMONICS ANALYSIS OF CYCLOCONVERTER.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:23 112k unknown HRD PRACTICES AND ITS IMPACT TOWARDS JOB SATISFACTION IN BSNL, MADURAI SSA- A... 14-Nov-2018 05:29 112k unknown How to Foster Green IT in Saudi Arabia Higher Education 1.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:40 88k unknown Human Capital Management.pdf 02-Nov-2018 12:08 56k unknown Hybrid Image Thinning-2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 12:41 288k unknown IHRMRDET_06_01_001-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:51 76k unknown IHRMRDET_06_01_001-3.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:04 76k unknown IHRMRDET_06_01_002-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:07 120k [IMG] IJCERD.jpg 12-Nov-2018 08:37 68k unknown IJCSERD _09_03_001.pdf 07-Jan-2019 10:21 180k unknown IJCSERD _09_03_002.pdf 07-Jan-2019 10:26 320k unknown IJCSERD _09_03_003.pdf 07-Jan-2019 10:30 148k unknown IJCSERD _09_03_004.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:22 184k unknown IJCSERD _09_03_005.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:25 208k [IMG] IJCSERD.jpg 12-Nov-2018 10:23 72k [IMG] IJECERD.jpg 13-Nov-2018 04:54 68k [IMG] IJEEERD.jpg 13-Nov-2018 03:56 76k [IMG] IJFMRD (1).jpg 14-Nov-2018 06:11 72k unknown IJFMRD_06_01_001.pdf 14-Nov-2018 07:42 580k unknown IJFMRD_06_01_002.pdf 14-Nov-2018 07:45 432k [IMG] IJHRMRD.jpg 13-Nov-2018 17:47 76k unknown IJHRMRD_05_01_001.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:01 480k unknown IJHRMRD_07_01_001 (2020).pdf 14-Apr-2020 03:04 272k [IMG] IJITRD.jpg 13-Nov-2018 07:07 64k unknown IJLISRD 09_03_001.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:39 224k unknown IJLISRD 09_03_003.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:45 272k unknown IJLISRD 09_03_004.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:47 112k unknown IJLISRD 09_03_005.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:49 72k [IMG] IJLISRD.jpg 14-Nov-2018 07:58 68k unknown IJLSRD 09_03_002.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:42 64k unknown IJLSRD_05_01_001.pdf 14-Nov-2018 10:11 56k [IMG] IJMERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 07:31 68k unknown IJMERD_01_01_001 2015.pdf 16-Sep-2019 06:34 168k unknown IJMERD_01_01_001 2016.pdf 14-Sep-2019 06:37 184k unknown IJMERD_01_01_001.pdf 16-Sep-2019 06:19 124k unknown IJMERD_01_01_002 2016.pdf 14-Sep-2019 06:40 96k unknown IJMERD_01_01_002 2015.pdf 16-Sep-2019 06:35 548k unknown IJMERD_01_01_002.pdf 16-Sep-2019 06:28 144k unknown IJMERD_01_01_003.pdf 16-Sep-2019 06:31 168k unknown IJMERD_06_001_002-2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 08:28 732k unknown IJMERD_06_01_003.pdf 12-Nov-2018 08:31 372k unknown IJMERD_09_03_001.pdf 07-Jan-2019 12:06 124k unknown IJMERD_09_03_002.pdf 07-Jan-2019 12:08 148k unknown IJMERD_09_03_003.pdf 07-Jan-2019 12:10 168k unknown IJMERD_09_03_004.pdf 07-Jan-2019 12:12 548k unknown IJMERD_09_03_005.pdf 07-Jan-2019 12:15 184k unknown IJMET_01_01_003 2015.pdf 16-Sep-2019 06:37 160k unknown IJMET_01_01_003 2016.pdf 14-Sep-2019 06:42 480k [IMG] IJMMRD.jpg 13-Nov-2018 17:43 68k unknown IJMMRD_01_01_001 (2020).pdf 14-Apr-2020 03:08 224k unknown IJMRD PIBLISHED PAPER.pdf 21-Jul-2020 06:27 384k [IMG] IJMRD.jpg 13-Nov-2018 07:35 68k unknown IJMRD_01_01_001 (2020).pdf 13-Apr-2020 19:28 272k unknown IJMRD_06_01_001.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:34 320k unknown IJMRD_06_01_002.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:37 1388k unknown IJMRD_09_03_001.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:56 100k unknown IJMRD_09_03_003.pdf 07-Jan-2019 11:58 128k unknown IJMRD_09_03_004.pdf 07-Jan-2019 12:00 224k unknown IJMRD_09_03_005.pdf 07-Jan-2019 12:02 92k unknown IMAGE SIMILARITY BASED ON INTENSITY USING MUTUAL INFORMATION.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:25 544k unknown IMPACT OF EMERGING MARKET CHARACTERISTICS ON MARKETING PROGRAMS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:45 172k unknown IMPACT OF FDI ON THE LIQUIDITY AND PROFITABILITY OF SELECT INDIAN FIRMS.pdf 14-Nov-2018 07:07 148k unknown IMPACT OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES ON ORGANIZATIONAL CITIZENSHIP B... 13-Nov-2018 18:55 112k unknown IMPACT OF JOB ATTITUDE TOWARDS SRF LIMITED, TRICHY.pdf 13-Nov-2018 11:47 88k unknown IMPACT OF MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 11:17 116k unknown IMPACT OF SHG BANK LINKAGE PROGRAMME ON WOMEN SHGS EMPOWERMENT WITH REFERENCE... 13-Nov-2018 11:51 112k unknown IMPACT OF STRESS MANAGEMENT BY DEVELOPMENT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN CMTS,... 13-Nov-2018 16:21 404k unknown IMPLEMENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF MULTIPLE CRITERIA DECISION ROUTING ALGORITHM F... 13-Nov-2018 05:48 1172k unknown IMPLEMENTING AN AUTOMATIC TEST CASE GENERATION FOR DHCP PROTOCOL.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:54 324k unknown INCOME GENERATION IN NIGERIA ACADEMIC LIBRARIES PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES.pdf 14-Nov-2018 10:02 112k unknown INDIAN AGRIBUSINESS AND GLOBALISATION PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:09 144k unknown INFLUENCES OF CHILD ENDORSERS ON THE CONSUMERS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 16:38 104k unknown INQUIRY ON WOMENS ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN ARAR CITY SAUDI.pdf 13-Nov-2018 11:03 468k unknown INSURANCE SECTOR IN INDIA PRESENT STATUS CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES.pdf 14-Nov-2018 07:38 60k unknown INTELLIGENT METHODS IN LOAD FORECASTING-3.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:20 188k unknown INTRACAVITY OPTICAL PARAMETRIC GENERATION IN MIDDLE IR REGION CRYSTALS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:29 132k unknown INVESTIGATING SECURITY MECHANISMS IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK.pdf 12-Nov-2018 14:00 128k unknown INVESTIGATION ON STRENGTH PROPERTIES OF SELF COMPACTING CONCRETE WITH COPPER ... 12-Nov-2018 10:15 416k unknown IS THE HIGHER-QUALITY FINANCIAL REPORTING IMPROVES CSR INVESTMENT EFFICIENCY ... 13-Nov-2018 11:19 60k unknown ISSUES_AND_PERSPECTIVES_OF_FINANCING_SME_SECTOR.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:18 140k unknown IT’S HIGH-TIME TO COME TO TERMS WITH HCM – THE SUPERSET OF HRM!.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:33 252k [IMG] JAERD.jpg 16-Oct-2018 15:38 60k [IMG] JAUERD.jpg 16-Oct-2018 15:37 60k [IMG] JBRD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:36 68k [IMG] JCARD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:51 72k [IMG] JCERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 09:21 60k [IMG] JCRD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:42 56k [IMG] JCSERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 09:28 64k [IMG] JECERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:31 68k [IMG] JEERD.jpg 16-Oct-2018 10:24 64k [IMG] JEIERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:34 72k [IMG] JEMRD.jpg 05-Nov-2018 05:55 68k [IMG] JERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:48 56k [IMG] JIISRD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 09:59 64k [IMG] JITRD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:05 64k [IMG] JLIS.jpg 05-Nov-2018 05:16 68k unknown JLSIT PUBLISHING PAPER FORMAT.pdf 27-May-2019 11:44 100k [IMG] JMERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 07:25 60k [IMG] JMMRD.jpg 05-Nov-2018 05:08 68k [IMG] JMRD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 11:42 56k unknown JOM_06_02_012.pdf 17-Apr-2019 14:23 296k [IMG] JPRD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:44 56k [IMG] JSERD.jpg 02-Nov-2018 10:07 64k unknown K V S Rajeshwarao.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:56 156k unknown KEY BASED LEAST SIGNIFICANT BIT _LSB_ INSERTION FOR AUDIO AND VIDEO STEGANOGR... 12-Nov-2018 16:00 388k unknown KEYLESS APPROACH OF SEPARABLE HIDING DATA INTO ENCRYPTED IMAGE.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:30 120k unknown KUDUMBASHREE TOWARDS A NEW PARADIGM OF COMMUNITY REVITALISATION THROUGH WOME... 13-Nov-2018 18:09 208k unknown Karthik_ Role of Stock Exchange.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:21 160k unknown Kavitha Soft computing.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:45 592k unknown LATEST EMPLOYEE RETENTION STRATEGIES EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAMS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 16:48 272k unknown M LIBRARIES AN OVERVIEW-4.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:47 64k unknown MANAGEMENT OF WORKING CAPITAL IN NATIONAL ALUMINIUM COMPANY-3.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:04 120k unknown MANET _MOBILE AD HOC NETWORK_ – CHALLENGES, SECURITY AND PROTOCOLS-2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 15:27 188k unknown MANUFACTURED SAND, A SOLUTION AND AN ALTERNATIVE.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:28 84k unknown MARKETING-MIX COMPONENTS IN LIBRARY AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT A VIEWPOINT.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:22 132k unknown MATHEMATICAL MODELING APPROACH FOR FLOOD MANAGEMENT.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:38 2452k unknown MEMS BASED OPTICAL SENSOR FOR SALINITY MEASUREMENT-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:30 64k unknown MINIMUM RESOURCE CONSUMPTIONS ROUTING FOR OPTICAL NETWORKS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:06 536k unknown MODELING OF PHOTONIC CRYSTAL RING RESONATOR TEMPERATURE SENSOR-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:23 104k unknown MOTIVES STRATEGIES FACTORS BARRIERS AND SUCCESS FACTORS OF NPD IN FABRICATION... 05-Nov-2018 04:48 204k unknown MSMEs and Their Role in Ensuring Sustainable Economic Development in India ch... 13-Nov-2018 08:17 248k unknown MULTI WAVELET BASED IMAGE COMPRESSION FOR TELE MEDICAL APPLICATIONS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:37 760k unknown Management of Shock and Volatility Spillover Effects Across Equity Markets.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:46 132k unknown Media-5.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:03 72k unknown Mijal_PPS_Pranav_hasan.pdf 12-Nov-2018 14:09 124k unknown NEW APPROACH TO HYBRID CLOUD .pdf 12-Nov-2018 15:02 304k unknown NEW INNOVATION OF MAGNETIC SCALES USED IN DIGITAL HEIGHT MASTERS AND DIGITAL ... 02-Nov-2018 12:14 160k unknown Neela_kantan.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:51 112k unknown ON PATHOS LITACT GRAPH OF A TREE.pdf 02-Nov-2018 12:23 72k unknown OPEN SOURCE DIGITAL LIBRARY SOFTWARE A COMPARATIVE STUDY.pdf 14-Nov-2018 08:22 164k unknown OPTIMIZATION - IMPROVEMENT IN WIRE ROPE DESIGN.pdf 12-Nov-2018 07:17 452k unknown OPTIMIZED SOLUTION IN IMAGE ANALYSIS PROCESSING USING BUILT-IN CACHE MOBILE R... 13-Nov-2018 03:17 164k unknown Optimization of Storage.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:14 212k unknown PARAMETRIC OPTIMISATION BY USING RESPONSE SURFACE.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:52 1384k unknown PATTERN RECOGNITION USING VIDEO SURVEILLANCE FOR WILDLIFE APPLICATIONS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:34 592k unknown PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF SIGNAL RECONSTRUCTION RATE IN THE NARROW TUNABLE OPTI... 13-Nov-2018 06:46 60k unknown PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF TRACK ROPES USING TWO NONDESTRUCTIVE.pdf 12-Nov-2018 07:25 380k unknown PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION OF LIBRARY AUTOMATION USING RFID TECHNOLOGY A CAS... 14-Nov-2018 09:59 212k unknown POSITIVE ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR ENGAGED EMPLOYEES IN FLOURISHING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:57 108k unknown PRECISION FACE IMAGE RETRIEVAL BY EXTRACTING THE FACE FEATURES AND COMPARING ... 13-Nov-2018 03:34 72k unknown PREPARATION GADE AND IDOL MODEL FOR PREVENTING MULTIPLE SPOOFING ATTACKERS IN... 13-Nov-2018 03:32 100k unknown PREVALENCE AND FACTORS OF SMOKING AMONG THE SAUDI YOUTH IN THE NORTHERN BORDE... 13-Nov-2018 11:43 184k unknown PREVENTION OF DOS ATTACKS IN MANET CAUSED DUE TO MULTIPLE BLACK HOLES.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:16 100k unknown PROBLEMS, PROCEDURES AND PRACTICES IN IMPLEMENTING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:51 104k unknown PROGRESS OF UTILITY MINER IN DATA MINING.pdf 02-Nov-2018 09:47 68k unknown PUBLIC KEY BASED APPROACH TO MITIGATE WORMHOLE ATTACK _Repaired_.pdf 12-Nov-2018 15:49 140k unknown PUBLIC- PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (PPP) AND EFFICIENT LIBRARY SERVICE DELIVERY IN N... 14-Nov-2018 09:20 120k unknown ParthaRoy_IJCSERD.pdf 12-Nov-2018 14:04 164k unknown QCT OPTMISATION IN NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - DETAILED STUDY ON INTER-LINKS AN... 12-Nov-2018 07:41 496k unknown QUALITY OF WORK LIFE OF MACEDONIAN MANAGERS DIFFERENCES BETWEEN.pdf 13-Nov-2018 18:43 132k unknown RAPID CONTROL OF EXHAUST EMISSIONS AND ENHANCEMENT OF RETENTION TIME IN THE C... 12-Nov-2018 07:05 204k unknown RECONFIGURABLE DECODER FOR VARIABLE SIZE LOW POWER MEMORY APLLICATIONS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:24 928k unknown REDUCTION OF EXECUTIVE STRESS BY DEVELOPMENT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE- A STU... 13-Nov-2018 16:42 1424k unknown RELATIONSHIP AND COMPARISON BETWEEN IN JIT TQM AND TPM A REVIEW-2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 08:01 172k unknown RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE EQUITY PRICE MOVEMENT AND SILVER PRICE-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:54 132k unknown RESISTANCE OF GEOPOLYMER CONCRETE WITH FLY ASH.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:55 1136k unknown REVIEW OF THREE CATEGORIES OF FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 16:25 216k unknown REVIEW ON STABILITY ANALYSIS OF GRID CONNECTED WIND POWER GENERATING SYSTEM1.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:10 492k unknown ROLE OF DIGITAL LIBRARIES IN E-LEARNING-2.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:30 68k unknown ROLE OF FDI IN INDIA AN EMERGING OPTION FOR SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC GROWTH.pdf 13-Nov-2018 11:13 400k unknown RP BASED OPTIMIZED IMAGE COMPRESSING TECHNIQUE.pdf 13-Nov-2018 06:03 276k unknown Research Trends-4.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:08 72k unknown Retailing.pdf 13-Nov-2018 08:29 92k unknown SECURE ZIGBEE PROTOCOL USING RSA CRYPTOGRAPHIC ALGORITHM-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:51 384k unknown SERVICE GAP ANALYSIS OF FOOTWEAR RETAIL OUTLETS A STUDY-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 11:57 208k unknown SIMULATION OF GEOMETRICAL CROSS.pdf 12-Nov-2018 07:19 216k unknown SMALL FIRMS CORPORATE CULTURE.pdf 13-Nov-2018 09:36 76k unknown SMES ROLE IN REDUCTION OF THE UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM IN THE AREA LOCATED IN SA... 13-Nov-2018 16:35 132k unknown SOLVENCY ANALYSIS.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:27 120k unknown SPEEDUP MESSAGE AUTHENTICATION PROTOCOL FOR VANET-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 03:49 76k unknown STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY DURING DIVIDEND ANNOUNCEMENT A CASE OF SELECTED IND... 14-Nov-2018 06:39 148k unknown STRATEGIES OF WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS IN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.pdf 02-Nov-2018 12:10 84k unknown STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING OF 2D FRAME STRUCTURE UNDER STATIC LOAD USING MA... 12-Nov-2018 10:01 252k unknown STUDIES ON MANPOWER PLANNING MODEL WITH TWO LEVEL RECRUITMENT-2.pdf 13-Nov-2018 18:37 288k unknown STUDIES ON REMOVAL OF ACID ORANGE 7 BY ADVANCED OXIDATION PROCESS USING UV AN... 12-Nov-2018 09:34 220k unknown STUDY ON GIS SIMULATED WATER QUALITY MODEL-2.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:49 932k unknown STUDY THE DIFFERENT FEEDBACK METHODS IN MANUFACTURING SETUP ERRORS FOR CONSTA... 12-Nov-2018 06:29 128k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION 2017.pdf 14-Mar-2019 08:34 532k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION 2017_cse.pdf 14-Mar-2019 09:30 532k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION 2017_ece.pdf 14-Mar-2019 11:54 532k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION 2017_eee.pdf 14-Mar-2019 11:33 532k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION 2017_it.pdf 14-Mar-2019 11:59 532k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION 2017_jmrd.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:24 532k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION.pdf 14-Mar-2019 10:22 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_biotech.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:49 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_chem.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:43 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_civil.pdf 14-Mar-2019 15:22 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_comp_app.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:33 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_cse.pdf 14-Mar-2019 15:12 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_ece.pdf 14-Mar-2019 15:03 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_edu.pdf 14-Mar-2019 13:54 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_elec_Ins.pdf 14-Mar-2019 15:01 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_english.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:47 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_internet.pdf 14-Mar-2019 15:20 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_it.pdf 14-Mar-2019 15:07 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_jmmrd.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:30 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_lib.pdf 14-Mar-2019 13:59 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_math.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:46 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_phys.pdf 14-Mar-2019 14:44 96k unknown SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION_soft.pdf 14-Mar-2019 15:08 96k unknown Sathya_Narayanan.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:53 116k unknown Security by Biometric Authentication.pdf 12-Nov-2018 15:06 288k unknown Software Test Case Generation for Improving Performance.pdf 12-Nov-2018 13:56 216k unknown Speech Recognition.pdf 13-Nov-2018 05:00 240k unknown Stock Index.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:14 188k unknown TAICO Bank.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:16 108k unknown TALENTED EMPLOYEE ATTRACTION IN HYDERABAD ELECTRONIC RETAIL MARKETING.pdf 13-Nov-2018 16:07 2148k unknown THE EFFECTS OF MARKETING MIX ELEMENTS ON SERVICE BRAND EQUITY.pdf 13-Nov-2018 18:58 120k unknown THE IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL ADVERTISING ON ADVERTISEMENT RECALL IN ORDER TO MOTIV... 13-Nov-2018 17:03 228k unknown THE IMPACT OF PUBLIC INVESTMENT IN SEAPORTS INFRASTRUCTURE ON THE ECONOMIC GR... 13-Nov-2018 17:06 108k unknown THE MENACE OF CREATIVE ACCOUNTING AMONG THE ACCOUNTANTS.pdf 14-Nov-2018 06:44 136k unknown THE ROLE OF GREEN INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT IN ACQUIRING GREEN COMPETIT... 13-Nov-2018 16:44 160k unknown THE ROLE OF LIBRARIES IN CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND RECONCILIATION THE NIGERIAN ... 14-Nov-2018 10:15 324k unknown THE SELECTED KNOWLEDGE CENTERS USER SATISFACTION AND SERVICES.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:11 184k unknown THE STUDY OF SCOPE AND IMPLEMENTATION OF LEAN ASPECTS.pdf 13-Nov-2018 16:09 504k unknown TONGUE DRIVE SYSTEM TO OPERATE COMPUTERS-2.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:02 592k unknown TURMERIC PROCESSING.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:38 624k unknown TWO GRADE MANPOWER MODEL WITH BULK RECRUITMENT IN FIRST GRADE-3.pdf 14-Nov-2018 05:23 540k unknown Tamilselvi- JCARD.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:35 140k unknown USE AND UTILIZATION OF WEB2.0 TOOLS IN ACADEMIC LIBRARY WEBSITES IN INDIA AN... 14-Nov-2018 09:26 236k unknown WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS IN BEAUTY CLINIC A STUDY ON MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS.pdf 02-Nov-2018 12:32 64k unknown WOMEN IN IT-3.pdf 14-Nov-2018 09:24 44k unknown Work life balance.pdf 13-Nov-2018 08:39 68k unknown Workplace Harassment and Job Satisfaction An Empirical Study among Employees ... 13-Nov-2018 09:59 92k unknown aircraft.pdf 02-Nov-2018 12:04 248k unknown al-8mg.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:44 1388k unknown c-shape.pdf 12-Nov-2018 06:36 196k unknown cement industry in chennai.pdf 13-Nov-2018 08:49 64k unknown degrad.pdf 13-Nov-2018 04:57 152k unknown drinking water.pdf 12-Nov-2018 09:25 160k unknown faculty commitment.pdf 13-Nov-2018 08:26 180k unknown ijcerd_06_01_001-3.pdf 12-Nov-2018 10:19 960k unknown ijmerd_06_01_001.pdf 12-Nov-2018 08:24 752k unknown image segmenation.pdf 12-Nov-2018 14:41 84k unknown image smoothing using rough set.pdf 12-Nov-2018 14:17 340k unknown impact of psychological.pdf 13-Nov-2018 18:04 864k unknown kalai paper.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:46 88k unknown murugandam.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:38 72k unknown performance banking since Independence.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:24 164k unknown rain fall.pdf 02-Nov-2018 11:17 516k unknown resuable software.pdf 12-Nov-2018 14:32 364k unknown sivaramakrishnan.pdf 13-Nov-2018 17:53 60k unknown work life balance-2.pdf 02-Nov-2018 12:06 96k unknown ‘e-Aushadhi’ A DRUG WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.pdf 13-Nov-2018 10:54 464k

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