Journal of Library Science and Information Technology (JLSIT)
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Prof. B. Arthi Gandhimathi
Priyanka Research Journal(PRJ) Publication
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The Journal of Library Science and Information Technology (JLSIT) is an National print and online peer reviewed and indexed journal. This will consider any original contribution that enhance or illuminates Library and Information Science or Practice, or that educates or entertains the journal's readers. JLSIT is published two times a year in January - June and July - December.

The main aim of the National Journal is to publish refereed, well-written original research articles, and studies that describe the latest research and developments in the area of library Science and information. This is a broad-based journal covering all area of library Science, technology, information and interdisciplinary research. The library science is an interdisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives and tools of management, information technology, education and other areas to libraries. The collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information are also included in library science The Journal of Library Science and Information Technology (JLSIT) is an National journal that provides rapid publication of articles in all areas of the subject.

The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence. Papers will be published approximately one month after acceptance. All articles published in JLSIT will be peer-reviewed.

To disseminate latest developments, research activities, important work done in the field of Library and Information Science and Technology and also to exchange knowledge, experience, issues and solutions among professionals and other interested groups.

Types Of Paper
Regular Articles: These should describe new and carefully confirmed findings, and experimental procedures should be given in sufficient detail for others to verify the work. The length of a full paper should be the minimum required to describe and interpret the work clearly.

Short Communications: A Short Communication is suitable for recording the results of complete small investigations or giving details of new models or hypotheses, innovative methods, techniques or apparatus. The style of main sections need not conform to that of full-length papers. Short communications are 2 to 4 printed pages (about 6 to 12 manuscript pages) in length

Reviews: Submissions of reviews and perspectives covering topics of current interest are welcome and encouraged. Reviews should be concise and no longer than 4-6 printed pages (about 12 to 18 manuscript pages). Reviews manuscripts are also peer-reviewed.

Topics of Interest
* Benchmarking Trends and Developments
* Bibliometrics
* Content Development and E-Publishing
* Digital Initiatives
* E-Resources and E-Services
* Evaluation of Library and Information Systems
* Human Resource Development
* ICT Applications
* Information and Knowledge Management
* Information Literacy
* Knowledge Skills and Capacity Building Initiatives
* Library Principles
* LIS Education and Training
* LIS services
* Metadata creation and standards
* Metric and User Studies
* Open Source Initiatives
* Policy Formulations and Issues
* Practices and Administration
* Search Engines
* Services and Products
* Standards Preservation and Conservation Strategies
* Subject Gateways and Data Mining
* Web Based Information Services
Articles are invited based on research work, case studies, practical applications, report of important projects, short communications, etc. Audience : Management Students, Research Scholars, Faculty Members and Professionals

Submission : Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to (Word or Pdf Format)

Publication Months and Frequency : January June and July - December (Two issues per year)
Editorial Board Members of Journal of Library Science and Information Technology (JLSIT)
Chief Editor

Prof. B. Arthi Gandhimathi

Priyanka Research Journal (PRJ) Publication
Editorial Board
    Senior Librarian & Head
    Rathinam Technical Campus
  1. Dr. R .SEVUKAN
    Associate Professor
    Department of Library and Information Science
    Pondicherry University
  1. Dr. S. RAVI
    Professor & Head
    Department of Library and Information Science (DDE)
    Annamalai University
    Associate Professor
    Department of Library and Information Science (DDE)
    Annamalai University
  1. Dr. K. SRIDHAR
    Dy. Librarian

    Sri Ramachandra University
    Chennai-600 116
  1. Mr. N.SIVAKUMAR, (Ph.D.,)
    Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology
  1. Dr. K. Chinnasamy

    Associate Professor & Head
    Department of Library and Information Science
    Madurai Kamaraj University